Puzzle Pirates sails into the Dark Seas


Fourteen years into its quirky voyages, Puzzle Pirates still hasn’t exhausted unknown ports of call. The MMO announced this week that it is starting to test its Dark Seas content update, with a new set of islands and two additional factions to explore. The update is decidedly focused on PvP, pitting pirate crews against each other in the search for gold ‘n’ glory.

“All new pirates begin in Port Venture of the Greywaters archipelago,” the team explained, “a relatively safe place to begin getting your sea legs before venturing further out into the Obsidian ocean […] Each crew must choose a faction at the time it is created. Crews can not currently switch factions, but pirates are free to change crews at any time.”

There may or may not be a wipe after the beta test, so take that into consideration. It looks like Puzzle Pirates is being primarily supported through Steam these days, so if you’re looking to play it, that’s where “X” marks the installer.

Source: Puzzle Pirates. Thanks Yellowboots!
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