Ship of Heroes gets down and dirty with its street sweeper powerset

Ship of Heroes gets down and dirty with its street sweeper powerset

Just because your city street happens to be located in a massive starship hurtling through the cosmos doesn’t mean that it lacks for cleaning every once in a while. Enter the street sweeper powerset, with a full range of riot control abilities that allow superheroes to keep the peace (in as forcibly a way as possible).

The Ship of Heroes team revealed its second powerset this year so far: “The animations and FX used with the twelve separate powers in the street sweeper powerset are provisional given that the game is still in the pre-alpha stage of development […] In Ambassador’s case some of his powers are inherent to him, but he is also equipped with a short range energy weapon that allows him to accurately channel his powers, and provides him with hi-tech offensive capabilities based on the weapons carried by soldiers of the future.”

Give it a watch below and see if plasma blast and freeze shot wins you over to this approach to superhero crowd control!

Source: YouTube. Thanks Thurber!

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A Dad Supreme

Reminds me of Judge Dredd.

Kickstarter Donor

I sure hope one of these CoH successor games makes it. I liked the 3 abilities towards the end. I’m keeping en eye on this one, maybe I can get my sci-fi mixed in with some super hero stuff. That would be fun.


Basically it’s SWTOR Vanguard tank. Generally speaking it looks good, spiral shot looked neat. I’d like to see more unique visuals like that because that’s what makes classes that do lot of standing with little movement interesting. It’s easy to Kung-fu master look visually stimulating to look at the character itself is doing interesting things. A guy pointing a gun is visually boring, the effects are going to make or break a character like that.

Chosenxeno .

I gave 25 bucks! WHERE IS MY GAME!


This game is looking good! The devs are showing more progress through transparency than the other two combined, in my opinion. I am looking forward to the launch of this game!