Twin Saga assures players of faster, smoother updates

Twin Saga assures players of faster, smoother updates

New Twin Saga Product Manager Ancalagon attempted to mollify players this week, apologizing for some of the missteps of the game so far and assuring the community that things are looking up.

“I understand that in the past the journey for Twin Saga and its players has been rocky and not always as pleasant as it should have been,” Ancalagon wrote. “But I can also see that we are making a lot of improvements.”

Some of these improvements include a faster rollout of patches, reduced lag, a war on bots, and practical responses to player feedback. Patch 7 for the MMO is currently in development, and the team has more resources for in-game events and patch testing. There’s always a gap between words and action, but hopefully Twin Saga will live up to these statements.

Source: Facebook

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If I remember correctly TS like AK and EE also has the same concept of armor being invisible and only having suits that you win in quests and look like everyone else your level unless you pay up for costumes if you want to stand out. I really don’t enjoy that mechanic where you loot gear, but it doesn’t change your appearance. I like that a lot in World of Warcraft, part of the reason why I still play it (Vanilla).

As for updates, that’s the least of my concerns, those games are kinda grindy so if you want to get through most of the content, it will really take a lot of time.