Crossout hits 3M players, bans almost 1K of them for cheating


Things are cruising along rather well for the post-apocalyptic death car MMO Crossout, as the team reported late last week that the game had attracted over three million players to its particular brand of mechanized mayhem during the current open beta.

This sort of success doesn’t come without a hiccup or two. Some bad seeds were caught using banned third-party mods to cheat, resulting in 922 accounts getting slapped with a lifetime ban.

“We warned about strict measures which will be applied to players using cheats in the game,” the team posted. “Thanks to the care and support of honest players reporting suspicious cases, our algorithm for recognizing modifications, based on the methods of machine learning, allowed us to identify players who used banned modifications. Each suspicious player was checked by our employees after detection by the program.”

Crossout’s most recent beta patch added customization kits to change weapon appearance, co-drivers to cars, more chat settings, and a few tweaks to seasons and raids.

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