ARK Survival Evolved has doubled in price ahead of August 8 launch


Welp, hope you bought ARK: Survival Evolved back when it was super cheap on Steam because its price has now increased for PC players to a whopping $59.99 (or $67.98 if you want the bundle with Scorched Earth tucked in too). Europeans have extra reason for salt; the game is €70 overseas, which is double the old price. We knew the price hike was coming (and how high) since they told us at E3, but it’s a shock all the same.

The rationale, Studio Wildcard says, is to “ensure parity” ahead of the launch. So the bad news is that digital PC players will now be paying exorbitant console box prices. The good news is that launch really is coming this time and we can stop making snide jokes about selling expansions during early access soon. Just kidding, we’re never going to stop that. Expect it on August 8th. And don’t miss our E3 interview with Wildcard on early access and launch!

Source: Twitter via RPS

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Did they fix the horrendous performance issues already before changing the pricetag ?
If not then the game is still in alpha.


Whether or not you experience performance issues with the game seems to really depend on your system. And that does not mean that all high-end gaming rigs will play it fine, either. Some will some wont.

People still report memory leaks. The game and the additional maps top out well over 100GB at this point.

Patches are being rapid-fired through these past couple of weeks, but the big ticket items like building mechanics and dino AI will not be addressed, at least for launch and the foreseeable future following.

That isn’t to say Wildcard is not working hard to try getting the game ready. It just seems like it is a bigger job than will fit in the available time remaining.


I dont know why it’s a ‘shock’. You’ve had 2+ years to buy it cheap, they’ve been saying all along the price will go up for release, they said it again at E3. And for all the issues Ark has, I’ve gotten more hours out of it than any other game I’ve bought.

Or maybe I just dont see it as a big deal. $60 is cheap, at least to me in Australia. New games here are always $100, and since region locking became a thing I cant even import games from overseas anymore where it’d still be cheaper even with the delivery fees.


They could have set a lower console version price, that would have given them parity as well. I wish they would just be honest and tell the truth that they wanted to milk out more money. Like when they released an expansion for an early access game


we can stop making snide jokes about selling expansions during early access soon. Just kidding, we’re never going to stop that.

These are the lines I come here for :)

On a related note: I’ll pay full price when they pay someone to optimise it. Worst running game on my rig I’ve seen in the last three years.

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Richard de Leon III

Imho, even at that price the game is worth it on PC. That being said, its hard to stomach that price when you know it was being sold for much cheaper beforehand. I think the PC customer growth rate will take a tumble for the time being, which will lead to a price drop at some point. It’s simply inevitable with regards to the PC market.


If the development of ARK had not been plagued with

•bad communication from the developers,
•bugs that seriously affect the game from day 1 and have not been fixed,
•DLC that pulled focus from the base game long before the base game problems were addressed (and then being told those problems won’t likely ever be addressed),
•and a last-minute crunch where exploits are being “fixed” by nerfing core mechanics that affect everyone

I might be more forgiving of the price increase. It really is trying to be a good game and, had the performance been better and the big issues been addressed, it might be one that could be worth the pricetag.

Of course, add to all of the above that the PC players were given no options for their launch goodies and there is no word of any “Season Pass” for us, this makes me wonder what Wildcard even thinks of all the players who supported them in Early Access anyway.


Currently its in the humble bundle for its previous price range.

Also a lot of 3rd party sellers bought keys during the steam summer sale ensuring they’ll have cheaper prices for months to come.

All that said, the upping was just a pure, exploitive money grab. But it was obvious they were going to pull something like this. They’ve been testing the resolve of players with changes, the paid dlc while still in EA, and more and even in their GDC talk in march stated that they really just ignore all the teeth gnashing from everyone when these controversies occur.

Really there isn’t anything anyone can do to hold them accountable outside of telling others to not buy. Once they leave EA in August some on the forums in the EU/UK was saying there maybe some sort of consumer law issues that could be brought up if they haven’t made good on their advertised claims for the game or some such but I mostly took that as just sabre rattling that’ll never have any meaningful results.

So while I’m happy I got the game and SE dlc for pretty cheap in previous sale points on steam. I really feel sorry for anyone that would buy ark after this hike at full price.


Humble Bundle is giving me the new $60 price.


Yeah, it is updated on Amazon now as well. Looks like all the old prices are getting cleaned up. Maybe wildcard forgot to tell them the plan. :P


Not worth it. Yes, you can get a lot of hours out of ARK, but only if you’re willing to put up with an unreasonable amount of issues, bugs and exploits depending on how and where you play the game. The quality of the game just isn’t worth $60.

Jesse Schulkers

Even ignoring the bugs and exploits its hard to feel like I could justify recommending this to a new player. I got to watch a friend of mine die repeatedly to microraptors, have his home dismantled by an alpha dino that he wont be able to even wink at without dieing for a while yet, and then learn of the absolute joy that is swamp fever.

He quit at 67. I admire him for trying as long as he did but once he found out what waits him in the depths of the ocean he quit. Nothing like watching your max tame mosa go away because there are 4 eels.


Yea the microraptor, purlovia, electrophorus, etc are all just huge headaches. The only counterplay is to ride a dino that isn’t effected by them, which just makes more useless dinos. Here’s 50+ dinos, of which you might use 10 in the end. Just bad design.


By now they must be doing all these weird moves just to get any type of publicity, and clearly they are fine with bad publicity.


Move the point over one place to the left and I’ll buy.