The secret of Tibia’s mystery door is finally revealed


Last year we ran a story on an extremely exclusive door in Tibia, a very long-running MMO, that would only be opened by a player who reached level 999. One player did last August, but decided to hide the revelation of what lay beyond it from the community. That right there is an MMO Aesop’s fable of sorts.

PC Gamer reported that the game’s second-highest player recently cracked open this secretive door, and this time around, the whole community was able to see. After trying to extort money from fellow players for a vacation fund, the player in question streamed the event to show that the door was a portal to a cute little tropical island with a couple of vendors and not much else.

As for the game itself, Tibia is continuing to churn out previews of its big upcoming summer patch. One of the main features of this update is Feyrist, a peninsula full of faeries, fauns, and even boogy monsters.

See what lies behind door number 999 after the jump!

Source: PC Gamer, Tibia
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