Take a peek at Star Citizen’s procedural planets and moons


That’s no moon; it’s a… oh, wait. It’s really a moon? Oh, that kind of ruins the lede, doesn’t it? Can I at least make the joke anyway? Good. That’s no moon; it’s a procedural moon!

Yep, procedural moons (and planets!) steal the show on this week’s episode of Star Citizen’s Around the Verse. The Frankfurt team explains that each one of these locations is unique, with its own gravity, ecosystems, objects, weather, and atmosphere, and players can land seamlessly anywhere on the surface.

“What makes the game so challenging to build [is that] every asset must be crafted so it looks good not only to the distance but also from right in front of your eyes, and there aren’t many games that have those demands. I think it’s one of the things that makes Star Citizen so special,” Chris Roberts says.

There’s also a check-in with the UK teams, who are working on close-quarters combat, the actor status system, the new patcher, ship weapons, procedural cities, outposts, the UI, mission givers, and the eternal 2.0 ship conversion.

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