Wizard101 tests chat channels while Pirate101 has fun with a rooster sheriff


Here’s something interesting we learned this week by perusing the Wizard101 newsletter: The game apparently has a stronger following than you’d think among YouTubers, bloggers, and other social media mavens.

We also discovered that Wizard101 is currently testing its next big update, which will contain PvP daily rewards, main quest designation, and actual chat channels. That last one comes as a surprise because Wizard101 was notable for keeping communication safe and barebones as to protect the young ‘uns. We’ll have to see how the chat channels deal with potty mouths and predators.

Over in Pirate101’s part of the KingsIsle empire, there’s a new American flag-themed soaring eagle mount to buy. Everyone also seems to be having fun collecting Rooster Cogburn, a new sheriff companion who’s cleaning up the wild west of the pirate realm. Check him out below!

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Nick Smith

Excellent move for wizard 101 updating their chat system. I couldnt talk to anyone. Ive thought in the past… why not have a “adult” server where people could actually communicate. So glad they are doing this…. ill definitely get back into it after this update hits.

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Jack Pipsam

I’ve often said part of why Kids MMO’s tend to fail in the long run is the overly censored chat.

Keep in mind these kids are also on the largely unfiltered and uncensored Facebook, Snapchats, YouTube, ect. MMO’s lacking chat-rooms just seems to pander to parents and look down on the playerbase, not exactly a winning way to keep kids around long.

Alexander Smith

Chat channels was a much needed move imo. You can’t survive off kids forever because well eventually kids move on unless you get a multi-generation defining hit like pokemon or something.