Fractured introduces free community reward system, rejects ‘RTM cashbacks’


Getting confused over Fractured and Fragmented? Me too! Let’s add another into the mix: The Foundation! Actually, no, let’s back up. Fractured is a relatively new SpatialOS MMORPG sandbox, with planetary colonization, crafting, housing, skill- and reflex-based combat, and — critically — no grind and no forced PvP. While it’s been in production since January, it didn’t leak out to us until a month ago.

The Foundation is a new program Fractured’s developers at Italy’s Dynamight Studios have integrated into the game’s forums (so all you need to do to participate is create an account there). On the surface, it’s a “community engagement program,” which sounds either awful or mundane, but MMO vets who look more closely will find that it more resembles the incentivized fluff from direct crowdfunding — only you’re not paying for it. It’s meant to reward players for doing things like posting feedback and ideas, chatting with fellow fans, and sharing game updates, and it amounts to a minigame before the game is even out. Says the studio,

“By climbing the ladders of The Foundation, members of the Fractured community can obtain several unique rewards, among which forum and game titles, armor skins, mounts, and pets. […] These are the kind of rewards you would expect from a Kickstarter pledge pack. With The Foundation, they can all be obtained for free.”

The game does have a separate referral program in place already. Dynamight claims it will “stay clear of RTM cashbacks and other practices that could be considered controversial by the community,” such that “rewards for friends’ purchases will be limited to virtual goods, including hard currency.”


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The races are interesting. Demon, Beastmen/women, and humans. Otherwise info kind of sparse. Sounds like they are gearing up to goto Kickstarter.

I see they are borrowing from Ashes of Creation with a similar referral system.

So beware links in this thread, unless you really don’t care about the Referral (which I honestly don’t think is a big deal). Certainly worked out well for Ashes. Free marketing.


Is fragmented even still being developed at this point?

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thanks for the preamble. i clicked here interested to hear an update from josh and jc even tho i don’t much care for fragemented.

but after idea fabrik posted a trailer showing off their(josh and jc’s) work for w/e reason i’ve been extra annoyed with idea fabrik and hopeful josh and jc made enough from selling them repop that they can make the game we all know they can make.

anyways as for fractured as outlined in teh article nothing to obnoxious/out of the ordinary sounding. sounds like there could be some annoyances typical to referal/community promotional programs but looks like at least it’s not a stealth push to get big “influencers” to sell the game on their ad driven channels and is a bit more grass roots oriented perhaps.

in general the game concept sounds fairly interested so i’ll put it on the list of super vague someday maybe it’ll get somewhere games that have filled up my queue in the past 4 years and have long since stopped expecting any of them any time soon XD