Firefall fans lock up the subreddit and turn out the lights


Firefall fans can cross their fingers hoping for the promised mobile edition, but we wouldn’t put too much stock in waiting for it. In the meanwhile, players have had to cope with the abrupt and unsympathetic closure of their game world.

Over on the Firefall subreddit, the mods made the decision to lock up the sub from any new posts going forward because fans haven’t had a bad enough week.

“What is the point of locking the sub now?” one player posted. “If the forums are going down surely you would expect this place to be the next spot for everyone to talk, but sure, let’s lock it up. Makes perfect sense.”

And as darkness envelops this colorful and controversial title, it would be a shame not to end our time with Firefall without one last look at its greatest legacy: the infamous bus. Go for a final ride after the break!

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