Elder Scrolls Online begins testing Horns of the Reach DLC, Morrowind is one of Amazon’s flash deals


Whether or not you’ve finished all of the content that came with Elder Scrolls Online’s June expansion, the devs have more for you to do. No rest for the epic hero and all that! ESO began testing Update 15: Horns of the Reach, which means that it will be coming pretty soon this summer — in August, in fact!

Similar to past updates, this one will be split into a paid DLC bundle and a base game patch. The DLC includes two new four-player dungeons, Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold, that come in normal and veteran modes and contain eight additional item sets between them. PvP players will also be able to enjoy a round of Chaosball at the new Arcane University map.

The 2.3 GB patch includes many quality-of-life features for all players, such as customizable combat cues, guild features, and more housing decor. The master writ merchant has some new recipes to replace a few others that have been retired, and the champion point cap went up by 30 points.

In other Elder Scrolls Online news, if you’re reading this Tuesday morning and still don’t have Morrowind, check out Amazon’s Prime Day. The expansion is currently $35 as part of a brief flash sale.

Source: Patch notes
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Ariel Domen

I’m torn because Chaosball sounds so fun (Huttball in Swtor is my favorite warzone), but my experience in ESO’s BGs was horrendous. Yes I need to “get gud” but also, one needs specific, difficult to get gear and builds to even be competitive. And the lag of course :/


WTB Zach and Bobby from Professor Genki’s Murder Time Fun Time to do commentary for Chaosball.