Oculus Rift price drops to $400

So, probably not.

How cheap does a VR headset and motion controller have to be before you’ll consider purchasing it? Facebook is hoping the answer to that question is right around $400, it seems, as the company is dropping the price of the Oculus Rift and its associated motion controller to $400 for the moment. That makes this the cheapest VR headset on the market, at least for as long as the price cut lasts.

The price drop in question is officially just a temporary drop to see how the headset performs, but it may well become permanent if this is what finally motivates people to buy headsets in large numbers. The Oculus Rift previously cut prices back in March, so this is a rather quick turnaround on further drops; feel free to add your own doom-and-gloom explanation in the comments, if you like. Let’s not forget that Oculus lost a founder and has been embroiled in legal troubles for most of the year.

Source: Fortune

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and then theres still the idea that I would much rather have an affordable connect IR motion detector that detect movement in every pixle to reconstruct into a motion control device they use in movie to create motion profiles more quickly then animating. Being able to have a 360 degree camera with IR sensing like the connect to me IS the next cutting edge step. AR and VR hardware hype will pass way before anyone even comes out with a game. And at that point I would expect any in current development to involve IR cuepoints as well as another option because for companies that get to see engines before theyre released to the public its just the obvious path.


The device is too cheap. The Idea that VR is the next cutting edge future device is bull.
AR is the next best thing.
Currently the device you think first about is the google glass or even better the hololens
A device that costs 3000 to 5000 dollars built by the richesst companies able to provide research and development costs.

However there is another company that specilizes in only designing AR devices that is a serious contender that can make assurtions that it can do even better then expensive devices like the hololens in some areas.

The meta 2 – a device that only costs 1000 dollars with a future development plan.

But even the meta 2 is not good enough. The goal is to eventually as they explain be able to use AR in a small device thats as normal to wear as reading glasses.
These things wont happen this year but they hope to get to that level in the next 1 – 5 years.

But currently the log horizon, dot hack, and sword art fans want an mmo thats got the quality of a truely caprica vision where you can tell little difference between real life and the game world. With full movement or providing alot more lifelike scenerios.
However content creators don’t currently have anything remotely close to that dream.
And there isn’t even currently a triple a budget game that costs 100 to 500 million dollars made by a reputable company with experience.
Even if they were games take 3 to 5 years to develop.
The hardware will probably get to that more worthwhile realistic point way before the software companies become available.
But because of the extremely high price to entry from research and development
These devices are not currently being made to fullfill your mmo dreams instead they’re made to sell to businesss that could assist in training for projects or doctors that would have the funds to buy devices in the multiple thousand rangers.
Its not a consumer product
Its a gimicky toy
I’m not too sure many consumers are willing to shell out 400 dollars for a prototype that isn’t truly what they want.

Reselect Name

Isnt the real problem there is no games for it?

Robert Mann

For the current stuff? I won’t. Give it 5-10 years, and maybe.


I’m still waiting till I can buy them in the dollar store, either in Elvis or Elton John flavors. <3

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Aaaaaaannnnd still not interested.


seems kinda desperate. The Oculus is the bastard middle child of the VR family.

Vive has better quality, and the PSVR is cheaper.

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Jack Pipsam

Only one I’ve ever considered was the Gear VR because it was cheap, even that hasn’t swayed me so far.

Danny Smith

Honestly the price aint the issue. The term “falling for the VR meme” exists for a reason. Without tactile sensation its a monitor on your head and effectively a wiimote in your hand. I’ve had about as much faith in it as i did the project natal reveal of the kid with the skateboard going “xbox…scan!” and we all know how that went.

Until we get devs making real videogames instead of tech demos on a level comparable to the numbers of at least a handhelds first party output then its just going to remain a gimmick that people get super butthurt about when people “be haters” for their monetary investment.

Show me a wave of good games and i’ll be interested. Right now its probably got more uses 5 years from now in medical and industrial applications, not as another form of the great wagglan scourge.


I like the idea of VR/AR contacts or glasses that are, well, basically regular glasses…once it gets there, ill jump on board. Yea i know i know, scifi at this point, but maybe one day.

TBH, i haven’t seen anything id consider mind blowing come out of the VR industry to drop 400 for the novelty of owning one. I wish it was the hot thing. I wish it was mind blowing.

Malcolm Swoboda

Its not too scifi as long as it can network with more powerful computers. And that’s not at all impossible. Now, signals so close to your eyes for so long… I dunno.