TERA launches the Dragonsire’s Revenge and Summer Festival today

Ready to face a very large and very angry dragon? The bright side is that he’s not really angry at you, specifically; the down side is that it barely matters, because a large angry dragon mad at your general existence is still just as dangerous. Dragonsire’s Revenge launches today on TERA, and the centerpiece of the update is indeed a face-off between players and the eponymous Dragonsire. He’s very angry.

The update also features new alternate options for gear sets, dungeon updates, and some mild alterations for balance and quality of life. Check out the full set of patch notes if you want to pick over every little part of the patch, or just jump in to start patching and get ready to play.

Don’t want to fuss with dragons? Maybe the summer festival is more your speed.

“Starting on July 13, the annual Summer Festival event will return to the world of TERA, providing much-needed rest and respite for players on the sunny beaches of Castanica, and the exotic temple at Balder’s Refuge. Summer-themed activities including splash cannon fights, watermelon smashing competitions, the Festival of the Sun, and more are returning with the event, rewarding an event-specific currency to those who complete them each day. Players can spend this currency in-game for a chance to earn summer swimsuits and accessories from summers past, and new swimwear has also been added to the TERA store for this year’s celebration. So enjoy summer and stay cool with a stylish new swimsuit—or a classic old one!”

Check out the trailers for both right here!


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