The Elder Scrolls Online details the lore behind Horns of the Reach

More details, at least.

So what’s going on in the next big chunk of The Elder Scrolls Online DLC? The short version is “nothing good,” as detailed in a new bit of lore setting up the backstory. It’s in the form of a letter from a father to his child, and it describes things happening which are… not very clear, but also definitely not good.

The father’s letter describes refugees pouring into Falkreath suffering a variety of wounds, including bite marks and gouges, with refugees claiming to have been harassed all the way along their flight. Claims that the survivors are fleeing some sort of bull-headed men allied with Reachmen are taken as largely apocryphal, but… well, the DLC is called “Horns of the Reach,” so you can be fairly sure they’re genuine. Check out the full letter if you want a bit more insight into your upcoming fights.

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