Trove reaches second anniversary, gives away golden ticket chests

Happy second birthday, Trove! Here, have a slice of cake. It’s somewhat pixelated and the frosting is made out of dirt, but we hear that’s how you like it best. Indeed, back on July 9th, 2015, this odd voxel MMORPG erupted from the mind-womb of Trion Worlds and has actually become somewhat of a sleeper hit in the industry.

And perhaps for the anniversary or perhaps because Trove loves to throw events on days that end with “Y,” the game is giving out a free golden ticket chest as a login reward from now through July 24th, with dragons and a “ludicrous” number of mounts as potential prizes.

Trove has also activated two weeks of pretty much every bonus event in the game, including double XP and more harvesting. “Two weeks of daily bonuses sounds too good to be true — but this is the truest truth to ever true,” the team said.

Source: Trove

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The only thing about Trove is that after they added in a subscription service, the benefits are so high that I really don’t like playing much without them – it feels as if I’m wasting time to play not having them and take so much longer to gain progress. I’ve already spent so much money on the game that I don’t feel like also paying monthly on top of that, so I just don’t play.

I did log in to get these free chests however, because free and why not. The game changed quite a bit of stuff in the way power and portals are handled, probably for the better in the long run.

I do miss playing it somewhat, maybe I’ll give it a few minutes here and there again in my current rotation.