Atlas Reactor adds a hula-hooping catgirl to its crazy roster


Hula-hoops and cats — they go together like cats and anything else that cats aren’t especially known to do. But somehow Atlas Reactor is making it work with NEV:3, a catgirl character who uses Tron-like hoops for ranged damage. Plus, she’s got a cat face emoticon in her name, so you know she means business.

NEV:3 joined the game’s cast yesterday in the Chapter 3 update: “With her custom-made catarangs, NEV:3 can prove to be quite catastrophic to her enemies. Her catarangs can be dished out to deal damage and will stay out for a turn. Afterwards, the catarang returns to NEV:3 dealing reduced damage along the path to her.”

Whether you’re on board with this catastrophe or not, Atlas Reactor is activating a double ISO weekend from July 14th through the 16th for everyone, so it might be worth setting aside some time to rack up extra advancement.

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Rheem Octuris

That title picture so needs to be memed.

Melissa McDonald

Catarangs. haha.


She’s actually pretty good. Throws hoops everywhere. Funny taunts. Jiggle physics.


Because…why not, I suppose.