RuneScape developer Jagex is hiring for an unannounced free-to-play MMO


While sitting on top of the enormously successful RuneScape, Jagex has had a difficult go of it producing a follow-up MMORPG. Projects like Stellar Dawn and Transformers haunt the studio with what could have been. But the good news is that it doesn’t look like the studio is giving up on this dream.

According to a couple of job listings on Games Industry, Jagex is recruiting for an “unannounced MMO” project. The studio is currently seeking a senior game designer and a gameplay programmer for the same title. The postings went up at the end of May, so the studio has been looking for a little while now.

The description gives only the barest of hints as to what this game might be: “Jagex Games Studio is looking for a highly creative and driven senior game designer to work on a free-to-play unannounced, new MMO. You would be working as part of the core team that’s developing an innovative new MMO and be expected to see designs through from inception to realisation.”

Back in May, a Jagex employee accidentally showed a “next gen” project slide at a presentation, fueling rumors of a new game.

Source: Games Industry. Thanks Saryent!

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They actually going to use all that money to make something decent? God knows they don’t use it for anything useful on Runescape. xD


I really hope it will be less grindy than RuneScape if it ever gets released. I would love it if they made another classless MMO though, I think that’s one of the strengths of RuneScape. Not being to do everything would be fine, but choosing what you can do and unlocking more as you go would be nice in my opinion.
There’s also the option of being able to use all skills, but being limited in what you can do. If we take me as an example, I can smith nails, hooks and similar things, but making a sword is beyond my ability, at least within a reasonable time span. So in a game, I would not be someone who is specialized in smithing. I’m much better at carpentry. So then I’d be specialized within carpentry.

All this aside, it’s not announced, so there isn’t much to speculate on outside of it being an MMO, which tells us absolutely nothing other than it being a big online multiplayer game.

Melissa McDonald

I know it’s fanciful, but I think a great idea for an MMO would be one based on World War 2. Not just the battle stuff. The Home front. Women working in factories. War bond sales that help your side finance the war effort. Supply chains. Swing music. USO shows. Weather conditions that affect the battles. Heavily faction-based of course. The ability to switch sides like EverQuest 2 featured. You’d have to necessarily limit taking ground and cities so that a faction is never completely defeated, but you could certainly make ‘battlegrounds’ that are able to be captured and recaptured.


Sounds like a job for Sid Meier.