Grim Dawn takes you on tour with the new Inquisitor

While Diablo III fans have their shiny (decaying) Necromancer to play with, Grim Dawn players are still tapping impatiently as they wait for the first expansion for this action-RPG to arrive. There’s still no word as to its name or specific release date, but the expansion FAQ page has it listed as “Q2 or Q3 2017.”

The dev team isn’t being completely silent on the expansion, however. A new video takes players on an hour-and-a-half tour with the new Inquisitor class, and a blog post this week announced that every celestial proc in the game is scheduled to get five additional ranks when the expansion releases.

Go on a journey with the Inquisitor and hear what the devs do have to say about the expansion after the break!

Source: Grim Dawn
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There is still much of this game that i have yet to explore or experience. Most certainly one of those games that rewards the explorer type. Also one that will reward the folks enjoy digging into the skill system and really getting the synergies going between the skills / gear.

One of my better arpg purchases for sure and I will look forward to seeing the new stuff whenever it gets here.

Bryan Turner

I plan on revisiting it, I played through Act 1 then got bored in Act 2; it’s like I was wowed by the first act then I was like Bandits seriously.