Sea of Thieves shares the risks and rewards of shipwrecks


As part of the emergent gameplay of Sea of Thieves’ missions, player crews will occasionally come upon signs in their voyage of shipwrecks lying below the surface. At this point, they’ll have a decision: Do they carry on or do they stop and risk being boarded by enemy crews while diving below?

In the newest Sea of Thieves dev video, the team explains how shipwrecks are designed to balance risk and reward. Tucked inside of these ships are treasure chests and resource barrels, but players will find themselves battling a lack of oxygen and a fear of circling sharks to grab the goods. Also, there are floating bananas. This game and bananas, I tell you.

Give this video a watch after the break!

Source: YouTube

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“Pirate boat and booty time, pirate boat and booty time!”


Oooohhh that looks like soooo much fun!

Dug From The Earth

Information overload with this game as of late. Its reached a point where im basically,

“Beta/Early Access or GTFO”