You can pre-load Destiny 2 right now on consoles — if you’ve paid money for the privilege

So who has money?
Console players could find themselves very busy this July if they’ve landed a spot in the Destiny 2 beta. Early access for the test kicks off next week for PlayStation 4 on the 18th and Xbox One on the 19th, while PC players will have to wait until August for their turn in the zone.

So how do you guarantee a spot? By pre-ordering, of course. PS4 and Xbone players who have done so should be getting a letter soon (if not already) from Bungie informing them that they can go ahead and pre-load the game on their systems to be ready to go from minute one of the test.

If you haven’t pre-ordered but you did get a beta key, you’ll be allowed into the fun on July 21st. This beta test is pretty short, wrapping up on July 23rd, so everyone will only have a few days to see what this sequel has to offer. Good luck!

Destiny 2 is coming out on consoles on September 6th and headed to the PC on October 24th.

Source: VG247

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Danny Smith

pro tip: go to the PSN store online, sign in, search D2 beta, add to basket and set to download on your PS4. Bam. 12gb download.

Just for the people who didn’t have it start automatically when it went live, which by the sounds of it is nearly everybody.