Wargaming’s WWII games remember the rescue at Dunkirk

In time for this weekend’s blockbuster release of Dunkirk, Wargaming’s World War II games will all be hosting special events to tie into the movie and remember the enormous evacuation in 1940 that saved a bulk of the British army from the advancing Nazi war machine.

Each game has its own Dunkirk-related activities and rewards, starting with World of Tanks, which offers premium vehicles for those who run certain missions. Operation Dynamo stages the nailbiting battle and operation in World of Warships, and pilots will take to the skies in World of Warplanes to defend the troops.

The team said that it modeled 1,232 buildings to recreate Dunkirk for this event: “In Operation Dynamo, ships are moving from Dunkirk to Dover through massive minefields of the Dover Strait. The Dunkirk coast is a narrow strip of land on the bottom of the Operation area. Even then, the team put a monumental effort into recreating the city of Dunkirk. Our 3-D artists literally pieced together the town based on hundreds of photos made before and during World War II.”


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I always meant to try World of Warships. World of Tanks was fun, but had some big imbalance issues when I played it last, and the steep increase in tank prices started to turn me off.

Kickstarter Donor

Warships is a lot better than Tanks that is for sure, I would never touch Tanks again with a fifty foot pole but now and then I log into Warships

However I mostly stick to Co-Op battles and the new Co-Op missions, I never do PVP

Melissa McDonald

hm! sounds like fun. These are good games. Addictive, great graphics, good historical accuracy in the vehicles. You can have loads of fun for free.