Wild Terra adds auction halls, shops, and character stats


One of the benefits of dipping your toes into a gritty sandbox is that you may get to shape the game world according to your own preferences instead of having to conform to the devs’ design. Wild Terra is adding shops and auction halls with its Update 8.31, but as construction projects that allow players to add them to their own settlements.

Also arriving in this week’s patch are the confusingly named “characteristics,” which are actually character stats like strength and dexterity. All players will start with five points in each stat and can increase them via use to a maximum of 12. There’s also a combined stat cap of 35 points, so you won’t be able to max out everything.

The devs said that these stats won’t be getting in the way of all of the other character systems: “Characteristics will only complement the gameplay, without worsening or interfering with other possibilities. They can be improved even if you have already improved skills.”

Source: Patch notes

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