Black Desert bans and suspends node exploiters

Last week, Black Desert’s Reddit erupted with claims that a popular streamer, who been previously banned and unbanned in a spring crackdown, had unwittingly streamed proof that he was still exploiting, causing other players to cry foul. At the tail end of last week, Kakao finally addressed this issue.

“During an investigation into reports of a potential exploit last April, our team determined that it was, in fact, possible for users to send multiple workers to a single node,” Community Coordinator Yukimura explains. “Shortly after, a patch was applied to resolve this bug. However, due to an oversight in the applied patch, some elements of the bug were not fully removed. One such example was the failure to reset all player’s workers, including those that were being utilized in the exploit. It was later discovered that some users’ workers were still designated to a single node. This allowed the continued use of multiple workers on a single node, and has subsequently been resolved as of July 12th maintenance.”

So what’s happening to the folks who kept on exploiting? “Three users have been found to have used complex methods to intentionally and maliciously utilize the exploit for extremely high-value gains” — they’re getting permabans. An additional 40 players will be suspended for 72 hours and see their ill-gotten gains yoinked.

“We apologize for the insufficient measures taken to resolve this exploit sooner and will do our best to prevent such oversights in the future,” Kakao writes.

Source: Official site. With thanks to our tipster Tim!
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Blade Boques

Came as a big surprise to me as well! Somehow these workers bugged and went back to work on a node they weren’t assigned to which caused the overlap. I’m not the only one this bug occurred to without them knowing, but when workers are doing things that shouldn’t be possible in front of 900 people, that’s the case you hear about the most. Unfortunately whether Kakao is sweeping this under the rug or literally just don’t know how their game works they claimed this glitch could not occur without intention and has wrongly accused and then banned, multiple times, players who never broke terms of service or even knew there was an issue.

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Toy Clown

One of those banned, BladeBoques, gave a lot to the BDO community with helpful, in-depth youtube videos explaining the entirety of workers, nodes and how to make silver. I’ve watched every guide he’s put out, and learned out to create a worker empire of my own through his easy-to-understand information.

So it came as a surprise to me that he was involved in this.


On the one hand I certainly think cheaters should be punished. By all means punish away.

On the other hand I’m more of a punishment to fit the crime kinda guy. If the gains were removed, and the game over all isn’t heavily damaged (IE: Economy isn’t ruined) I guess I don’t see the need for a permaban.

Besides, for the more “famous” individuals who did this, their reputation is basically ruined as a result and quite frankly that’s probably more harsh than any ban.


72 hour ban is…laughable! The cheaters knew exactly what they were doing, since there is absolutely NO way to accomplish the exploit accidentally.


But the Bot fishers continue to operate with impunity.


I feel like botting is a service issue


Fish botting is a complicated thing to resolve.

Most forms of botting are recognized by repetitive behavior because the repetition is abnormal. So a bot that’s turning the exact same spot in a rotation time after time again is, for lack of a better term, “inhuman.”

Fish botting on the other hand is very difficult to automatically detect because there’s really nothing abnormal about sitting there and actively fishing. Nothing short of interacting with that person will really reveal it which makes it difficult to even prove someone is in fact botting.

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This sounds like the classic syndrome where devs are expecting players to play in a way to emulating bots: doing simple, repetitive, and mechanic tasks over and over again. This can only be fixed by changing the gameplay.