Check out Black Desert’s Chinese debut trailer

You might be surprised to know that Black Desert hasn’t actually launched in China yet, given its status in South Korea and its popularity here in the west, but it’s true — just not for much longer. As we reported earlier this month, Pearl Abyss tapped Snail Games for the rollout in China, and the studios are gearing up now with a new trailer ahead of ChinaJoy 2017, where the game will debut a Chinese demo, though one without China-specific specialty content.

There’s a lot riding on the Chinese launch; Pearl Abyss is preparing an IPO push this fall with the Chinese launch and mobile and console ports waiting in the wings. Here in the west, we’re currently anticipating the Mystic class and Kamasylvia.

Check out the Chinese trailer via MMO Culture down below.

Source: MMO Culture

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They should realy fix this horrible engine…
Its broken with everything popin right infront of your face every second be it npc’s or players or vegitations…

It sucks the fun right out of the game wich is realy sad as underneath that horrible engine lies a pretty fun game.

Melissa McDonald

They’ll love it. I don’t know why people complain so much about the pop in thing. To me it’s kind of like, hey, you wanted cutting edge graphics, those things come with certain burdens on the client, servers, and your computer. But I’m a screenshotter and I dawdle around in the game just gawking at the graphic fidelity. Not racing to endgame or doing things at any pace other than my own.


Wonder how much of that actual content they will get and how much they will have to be stuck waiting for like we had to haha.

Still is there anywhere else left to launch? They now have KR, JP, RU, NA/EU, SA, and now China.

David McD

Always short sideways/backward camera pans or very close up combat so you don’t get any pop in. It’s like teenagers hiding acne :)