Neverwinter reveals gear sets found in Tomb of Annihilation

Clothe me.
When you dive into Chult for Neverwinter’s next expansion, you’re going to be facing new threats. And what goes well with new challenges? New equipment, obviously. The latest development update discusses the gear you’ll be getting, starting with the fact that Chult’s gear doesn’t involve set bonuses; instead, each individual piece has a bonus, freeing you to play around a little more with mixing and matching.

Characters fresh off of the boat can pick up a new set with bonuses devoted to fighting harder when you’re at lower health, and there’s also a slightly better set available for players who earn the trust of the locals that’s all about strength in numbers. Hunt marks drop still more powerful gear, and players can also pick up the best gear available by diving deep into the Tomb of the Nine Gods. Check out the full preview if you’re eager to see what new fashions you can wear as you head into the jungle.


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Bhima Jenkins

Looks like Cryptic might have finally learned their lesson, and didn’t make this gear an upkeep type of gear like Black Ice or Relic Gear. Amazing they made that upkeep gear at all and never just hot fixed it to remove the upkeep, but hey, why do that and remove the contrived grind?