Master X Master kicks off the ranked preseason


Listen, we need to have a talk about your MOBA dedication. You’ve been taking too much time off, seeing the sun too often, and slacking on your team practice time. It’s time to get serious about your Master X Master skills because the ranked preseason began today.

Wait, preseason? What’s that about? As Season One approaches for the game’s competitive scene, there is a four week lead-up during which players can get used to the ranked environment and become eligible for ranked Titan Ruins matches. To accomplish the latter, you’ll need to be level 40 and have unlocked at least 12 characters.

The preseason period isn’t only for fun and practice; there are several rewards to be attained for those who climb up to the grand master rank. Even if you aren’t that good, you can still get a free rare token to buy special skins if you complete five matches.

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Jacobin GW

The game is honestly pretty dead based on stream/reddit/social numbers.

I highly doubt ranked will take off since Titan Ruins has not been well received and will not be taken seriously as a competitive mode. The titans themselves kill the gameplay since they 1-3 shot players and ruin team fights / lanes. Superweapons and PVP do not mix.

It has the problem of trying to appeal to everyone PVE-PVP Arena-MOBA Map-Esports but ends up satisfying nobody. Add in annoying monetization (RNG dungeons required to get lvl 3 weapons, super expensive masters) and the game just won’t retain people.