Next Day Survival debuts, plus H1Z1, Hellion, Black Death, and Life is Feudal survivalbox news


ARK and Conan aren’t the only survivalboxes in town — in fact, several of the modern contenders in the subgenre have updates and videos this week demonstrating their progress.

Today, we’ll start with Next Day: Survival, a new game to our coverage here on Massively OP and one that’s just hit early access today. It’s touting its storyline, questing, “sophisticated crafting system,” car restoration system, repitation, and multiple game modes, including pure PvE and a single-player mode.

Next Day: Survival is a multi-player survival game with elements of RPG. Its action takes place in an imaginary country within the Eastern Europe, a large part of whose territory is contaminated with toxic fog. The player’s main task is to survive, to develop his game character’s skills, and to interact with the surrounding world, other players, and non-player characters (NPCs). In the course of the game, the character earns a reputation, which gives him the chance to join various factions of survivors, each with their own features and limitations.”

Buy-in for the game is currently marked down to $7.49 on Steam. The final launch is slated for September of this year, so at least it won’t linger in early access forever.

Seriously: Bleakest. Gallery. Ever.

Hellion is releasing patch 0.2.2 today, complete with a server wipe, a rework for the nav-map, tweak for custom orbits, warp drive improvements, new functionality for flight controls, and basketball sound effects. I am not making that up.

The Black Death continues its dev blog series in the lead up to its 0.17 patch; it’s teasing relics, building out Reapers Rest, and posting concept work on Raven’s Reach Crypt (above) and Duffus Castle Ruins. The studio is also relocating its existing Thai language server in Bangkok.

Daybreak is busy touting H1Z1: King of the Kill’s Elite Series tournament at Dreamhack Atlanta this very weekend. There are two different tournaments, in fact — one for 24 five-man teams and one for solo players in a battle royal. (Always put your money on Brienne the Blue.) They’ll be splitting a combined prize pool of $250,000.

Finally, here comes the Life is Feudal spin-off MMO with a new guild claim video. Nothing like having to consider rainfall and food rationing to get you in the spirit of adventure, am I right?

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Melissa McDonald

I know there are probably fans of the games, and it’s just my opinion, but “life is Feudal” and “black death” seem so bloody depressing, it makes me wonder why “Cancer Online” or “AIDS: the MMO” hasn’t been made yet. Apparently gloom and doom is considered fair material to build a game around. One of those “How did this get past marketing?” moments for me… smh…


This theme and its close derivatives are as overused as WWII by now, yet people don’t stop byuing them!
Already with S.TA.L.K.E.R. my appetite for it has been covered for a decade! :/

esit: Oh, it has been already over 10 years, I guess I have to sit it out for a little while longer! ;P

Kickstarter Donor

Remember that time DBG said that King of the Kill would see its “full” launch on PC in September of 2016?

How’s that going for them?

It’s so depressing to see what SOE has become thanks to years of terrible decisions and mismanagement. Meanwhile, let’s continue blowing tons of money on esports. BECAUSE THAT WENT SO WELL FOR PLANETSIDE 2 (which is also more or less in limbo, with the Xbone version all but dead and the PS4 version, which is actually out, seemingly abandoned. At least the PC version gets updates, even if there’s no clear direction that the game is going).