Ashes of Creation talks about group dynamics and shows PAX demo locales


Calling it an “essential part of the game,” grouping is this week’s focus over at Ashes of Creation.

Ashes of Creation’s team is currently planning for a default group size of eight, saying that this brings back the “massively” to the genre and “amplifies” class roles. Loot rules will be pretty traditional compared to what you’d find in most MMOs, although the team is considering adding a bidding system as well.

To help with the creation of more well-rounded groups, the team will empower players to choose “augments” that allow for more diversification in addition to their main role. Think of a DPSer having some debuff abilities or a healer that adds some buffing skills.

“We want to allow for well-rounded parties to be rewarded for diversity and inclusion when people are determining party composition,” the devs wrote.

But when group dynamics break down, there’s always PVP arenas to hash out any hard feelings. The team showed off some pre-alpha footage that is coming soon to a convention near you.

“Here is a preview of some of the arenas that will be playable at PAX Prime this September,” the team said. “We will be offering players for the first time the ability to play four of our primary archetypes in a PvP setting, as well as, a separate dungeon PvE experience showing caravans and node developments ending with a boss fight!”


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They were talking about adding a loot rule system for bidding. I hope it is a dedicated system so I won’t lose all my need or greed rolls to moneybags.


So a group of 6 (which was EQ’s standard party size) ISN’T Massively Multiplayer; but 8 is? Hahahahaha.


So many poors here.

They dont need your money or support and they have accomplished more in less time then any other mmo i followed.

Go go bash AoC its the new thing to do as its a scam !!! just like Star Citizen !!! said the uninformed haters and noobs.


Oof, these comments.

I like Ashes’ ideas and hope they succeed. Just like with Star Citizen, and Camelot, and Crowfall, and Mordhau, et al.

“Crowdfunded” does not inherently equal “scam.”

Mikka Hansen

Content for 8, in a game that cannot show not even one single instance of actual, real, nonscripted nonprerecorded gameplay for just one class

I’ve seen snake oil salesmen more trustworthy than this bunch of scammers

Chosenxeno .

They wanted 50 bucks for Beta access! I hope they fail!


Cool 3d, no gameplay: scam game

Kickstarter Donor

It will be nice to get some hands on impressions of this game and see some of where they are really at and what the game will feal like in execution.


By now this speech is almost a litany, i have no idea what the party size is on GTAO and there aren’t any incentives for grouping, besides the fun factor, and yet people group all the time.

Gameplay, story/ambience and the gameworld are almost afterthoughts, what’s important is that nostalgia factor, the good old days are coming back, they might have ended for a reson and might not have been that good, but we’ll ignore that.