BioWare’s Anthem’s fourth pillar is obviously corn


Move over, Hearthstone’s Ice Cream Citadel: BioWare is currently promoting Anthem by way of a massive corn maze and I am not even making that up.

“In a world saturated with banners and billboards, getting the message out about our new game, Anthem, is more important than ever. Rather than taking a conventional approach, we’ve chosen a field as our medium. What better way to celebrate the growth of a new game than through corn, which also grows?”

The “shared-world action RPG” was announced at E3 earlier this summer and looks freaking spectacular. We don’t really get why they’re going with corn, but, “I mean, it’s a fucking 50-foot exosuit,” as BioWare’s Amanda Klesko put it, so let’s just go with it.

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I will wait untill ive seen my youtube gaming criticts before spending a dime on a game.

This goes in tenfold for EA games, and Bioware in general have been making turds for a long long time now.

Lets see how hyped people are getting again and how fanboys will sing songs how great it all is until reality kicks in.

Lord Zorvan

That’s all EAWARE has been the last few years. Massive hype with no substance.


So basically they are are going for the insanity defense, i think this could work.


I’m no Schlag, but dammit I just had to make this happen!


They should get Robert Downey Jr. to do promotion. Have him come out of one of those suits. It would be awesome and something no ones ever seen before. Oh we could even go further! We could have one with Don Cheadle in it too. Think how great that would be. They could do gamer banner in it too through some sort of heads up graphic display.


After playing DA:I and then ME:A, I’m not getting another Bioware game again. (Well unless I see something has changed.) Even their single player RPG’s have become this odd and stiff abomination of MMO questing, stiff, greasy, and plastic characters, and uninteresting story telling. I do hate saying this. I loved so many of their games in the past, but something has changed. It looks like they’re just going to go the ‘pseudo-mmo’ route now.

I know others love these games, and more power to them! I’m not going to tell anyone not to play Anthem, though I know Bioware has changed and doesn’t make what I enjoy anymore. It sucks, but there’s nothing that can really be done.


After having just blitzed through the classic Mass Effect trilogy in the last month, plus two play throughs of MEA, and four years of SWTOR, I can definitely say that BioWare storytelling has devolved into a stale formula. They’re good at making us care about characters, but actual story is not a strong suit (note my earlier comment about their constant recycling of the same plot). The game still looks fun to me, and I care far more about the game play than story, but a studio that claims its strength is story can’t allow itself to fall into a formula.


What better way to celebrate the growth of a new game than through corn, which also grows?

Next time…


I guess.

Matthew Yetter

But to make the maze, they had to kill a lot of corn. So what they’re really saying is that they’re killing the growth in their field. :p

Brother Maynard

“I mean, it’s a fucking 50-foot exosuit,” as BioWare’s Amanda Klesko put it

BioWare’s Amanda Klesko seems to be trying to subtly introduce us to BioWare’s re-imagining of the whole FPS concept. Aimed at the average Youtube audience, the brand new fucks per second genre will definitely prove popular among the younger generation.

Whether that will also be the four-letter summary of their Metacritic ratings remainins to be seen, but considering the level of creativity that BioWare has been showing us, I just don’t give a fuck.