Final Fantasy XIV sees a price hike for Brazilian and Russian players

If you doubted this before, well, don't.
Shock! Dismay! The prices for Brazilian and Russian players have risen for Final Fantasy XIV! But to confuse the issue a little further, they’ve risen to… just about the same level as everyone else pays worldwide. According to the official statement on the forums, this was simply a result of adjusting the pricing exchanges for different currencies, making sure that everyone worldwide is paying about the same amount.

Player outrage over the issue is unsurprisingly at peak volume, with the two main points of contention being that the adjustments were not announced ahead of time in any format (and indeed, even Square-Enix’s own staff seems to have been somewhat surprised) and that the price adjustment fails to take into account different incomes in different regions. It’s not the first time in recent days that we’ve seen some dispute over localized pricing for different regions, which if nothing else goes to show the difficulty in operating a global game with servers open to all regions.


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Stupid shits like this happens way too often recently… from SE’s sudden price spike for Nier Automata in China region, and Paradox Interactive’s games price spike in certain regions during Steam Summer Sale… I think it’s time people move beyond Steam review bombing and start class actions against these publishers.

Helder Frozenheart

FFXIV is dead for me and many others after the illogical server move to the west (raising my ping from ~180 to ~320), this new issue is only putting salt in the wound for SA / Brazil players who decided to continue playing.

Nemui Byakko

As player Glan wrote on SE forum:
“One question? Do you understand that this is practically a break of FFIV User Agreement from your side, and big fraud with selling expansion. In FFIV User Agreement you can see pargraph 4.1 that says FINAL FANTASY XIV Subscription Fee rates will be posted at, and any changes to those rates will be posted with 30 days’ advance notice and notice will be provided to the Game community and by email to User’s registered email addresses. If you think that exchange steam rates it’s another deal…sorry but no. Valve assumes no responsibility or liability for such third party content that’s written in paragraph 5 Steam subscriber agreement…ent/english/#5 And if you want change exhange rate in steam you need posted 30 days advance notice. What you can say about this?”


The matter is more complicated than it seems.

1. People were given no warning about the new “adjustments to how prices in Brazilian Real and Russian Rubles are calculated for Steam users”.
(BTW regional prices and region currency exchange calculations weren’t set by Steam or bad Brazilian/Russian hackers, but for Square Enix themselves.)

2. Those “adjustments” were made precisely after the refund period for Stormblood had expired. As a consequence lots of people aren’t able to play the game they bought at full price (there were no regional prices for Stormblood). Had they known about the price increase they would not have bought it.
I guess that’s why SE decided not to make any notification about the “adjustments”.

3. People pleas were ignored for 2 days and the only thing they got was a single message from a community manager. And then there was silence.

Personally I don’t like being played a fool, therefore I’ve cancelled my subscription. I can afford it but I prefer not to be treated like a sheep to shear.


Different incomes in different regions applies nowhere else that FFXIV is available, so why would it apply specifically to Brazil and Russia? It’s a pretty weak argument at best on a luxury item, but it really doesn’t work when they’re trying to claim it should only apply to two countries specfically.

The fact of the matter is that those two regions were getting a discount that no other international player was getting, which has now been removed. Currency changes have caused price changes all over the planet. That’s just how it goes.


Games on Steam typically cost about 30% less in Brazil, and about 50% less in Russia. Some MMOs — notably WoW — also practice lower prices in those countries (a month of WoW game time would cost less than $8 in Brazil, 180 days would cost less than $40, and AFAIK prices in Russia are even lower).

Pushing for international price parity in those countries is basically pricing yourself out of the market.