Global Chat: You’re playing MMOs wrong


Have you ever lost your top when someone condescended to lecture you that you’re playing MMORPGs wrong? You and Roger at Contains Moderate Peril both, pal. In a recent essay, he goes off on those who would presume to lecture others that there is a “proper” way to play online games.

“Is there a definitive way to play an MMORPG?” he asks. “‘No’ is the brief answer. Sure, each MMO has a set of rules and procedures that set out a path of progression. However, nowhere in these rules will you find a statement saying it is mandatory to play this particular way. Humans like to adapt things to suit their own needs. Play is underpinned by imagination and creativity.”

Revolt against peer pressure and conformity! Raid in your skivvies! Roleplay as an omniscient tree stump!

The parade of MMO blog essays continue in today’s Global Chat, where writers talk about LOTRO band outfits, the lack of excitement over online game launches, being a frog in EverQuest II, and more.

Xam Xam Says: My ultimate SWTOR PvP wish list

“What kind of warzone would I like to see? I would really love to see a ‘capture the flag’ map in SWTOR. It’s basic and it’s a classic. You could easily add a more ‘Star Wars’ twist to it without making up a complicated ruleset. Hopefully, whatever the developers end up doing, the ruleset and parameters for the warzone should follow the ‘keep it simple, stupid’ mantra. That way we don’t have a repeat of Odessen Proving Grounds.”

Lina’s Biscuity Burrow: Why LOTRO music band uniforms make me chuckle

LOTRO’s cosmetic system is one of its strengths, giving lots of options to create individual outfits for your character. Creating a uniform makes the band stand out from the crowd, keeps things tight-knit and helps build an identity for the players. Hence, LOTRO bands are likely to spend a fair bit of time agonizing over their costumes, before settling on the way they want to look. More often than not, the result is pretty much colourful and outrageous.”

I’m Not Squishy: EverQuest II — A frog in the city

“My favorite quest out here so far was given to me by a poet down on his luck. After getting his poems back from some pesky gnolls, he gave me a copy of his book to read. It started a quest where I have to visit each place he wrote a poem about. I’m enjoying this one because none of these places are labeled on the map and you have to figure out what they are based on this guy’s poem. I like that it forces me to be a little more observant of the world as I’m running around completing quests.”

GamingSF: Getting me interested in a new MMORPG

Shadowrun Chronicles highlights very neatly one of the main attractions to games for me though — easy small group play. ‘Just let me play with my friends’ should be a mantra stuck on the monitor of every MMORPG dev’s computer as they code. Some games do this better than others, but fixed group sizes and levels being out of sync shouldn’t be a thing in 2017.”

I’m Not Squishy: Are launches exciting anymore?

“I understand that games are very expensive to make, especially massively multiplayer ones, and that crowd funding has the potential to raise enormous amounts of money. But when a game opens itself up before it’s finished it takes away the magic of when it is finished.”

Endgame Viable: Solving long DPS queues

“Here’s another idea: Tank and heal bots! If DPS has waited more than five minutes, give them some AI bots. It’s not like tanking or healing is hard. Zing! Hey-oh!”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.
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If you are solo playing, then sure, there is no wrong way as long as you are having fun. If you are grouped with someone and constantly getting them killed (when it isn’t the goal of your play…a friend and I spent an evening in Asheron’s Call stripped down (our characters) to see how fast we could accrue 10% vitae) OR if your solo play brings a negative experience for some other player (beyond killing a mob they wanted…talking arguable harassment and its like here), then you are wrong.

Melissa McDonald

When games are designed around the Trinity, and you don’t play to that scheme, you’re going to die a lot more, and yes, you’d be playing it “wrong”.


There is a way to play an MMO that is wrong. Raging against the grind of X game, finish it, go onto play another game, rage against that games grind and that grind. How dense can you possibly be to not have gotten the point? all MMO’s are grinds. Even the grinds have grinds. This idea that an MMO exist without a grind is ridiculous. Maybe some pure social MMO with no actual gameplay might not have a grind, but it that is the case you are in little more than a glorified chat room. This mentality has driven developers to make shittier and shittier designed games. Kill 10 mobs get your epic. Now all epics are shit cuz they mean nothing, there is no longer any sense of achievement. In games it’s about the journey and the destination, so when you cut out the journey and just go straight to the destination it loses a lot of the value it could have otherwise had.

I suppose players may not be at fault here. Developers probably looked at some graph and decided player like loot and don’t like to grind so lets give more loot and less grind thus retaining more players. The next game over looks at that game and say, “oh look they are undercutting us with cheap meaningless epics so lets copy them, and so on, and so on. 10 years later you have a playerbase conditioned for cheap rewards and are jaded against actually playing the games to the point they hate playing but won’t stop just to get there purple fix in the morning. Sort of like crack(or coffee) I guess. Sad.

Castagere Shaikura

I only seem to play wrong when i group with people that think they know everything. I can take advice but i won’t take it from an ass hole. I can honestly say that i hardly ever die in mmo’s when i solo. Its only when i group with people that it happens. I never rush to end game in mmo’s. So i like to take my time when playing. When i group with people they always seem to be in a hurry. If i can’t solo in an mmo i ain’t playing it.

Brown Jenkin

Always awesome to see folks mention LotRO’s cosmetic system. To this day I think it is one of the best in the industry… also I didn’t think Shadowrun Chronicles was even still running?!


The main way I “play MMOs wrong” is by working my way through them predominantly solo. The ideal MMO, in my opinion, lets me complete base content on my own but also offers group content as an option when and where I feel like playing it.

As such, Blizzard’s recent lame attempt to “fix” MMO players like me in the Legion expansion by so much locking story, class, and crafting progress content in 5-man dungeons backfired, at least in my case. Instead of getting me to play MMOs “right”, it only resulted in my unsubscribing from WoW a lot sooner after Legion’s release than I otherwise would have.


I heard i was playing EQ wrong all the time over the last 6-7 years (while i was still playing) because i opted to multibox my own group more often than not instead of playing with random PUG players: I am cheating, I am anti-social – this is a mulitplayer game so i should be playing with other players and since i am taking up space in a MMO as a single player that i should die in a dumpster fire (was actually told this – semi paraphrased though), I am what’s wrong everquest, I am a scrub who needs 3-6 accounts to succeed…


Squishy nailed it on both articles.

Running Antonica is to drown in quests. I disable XP gain for much of it just to experience the story there.

Launches aren’t exciting anymore. The only mystery is what sort of drama or compensation for the drama. Not that it’s changed much over the years, it’s just that all the pre-alpha, alpha, EA, etc has taken any mystique from launch.

The whole debate about playing it wrong re: social interaction is well worn. Players know why it’s different now.

Giannis Papadopoulos

There is no wrong or right way to play an MMO but there is a way to play that make you more invested in said MMO and play it for extended period and there is a way to play it and stop after a month or 2 and move to another MMO.

Robert Mann

There is one wrong way to play. With the goal of only causing harm, in whatever fashion, to others. This is not aimed at PvP, but at things that are meant to cause delays, pain, suffering, or other real life trauma to others. This can include things like ERP in the middle of a quest area…

That’s the only way I can think of that is ‘wrong.’ Anything else is fine, just so long as you have basic respect for the other people playing.