Kritika Online releases first open beta patch

Have any of you given Kritika Online a try? This action MMORPG may be slipping under a lot of people’s radars during this shockingly busy summer, but the Kritika team isn’t coasting on the game’s soft launch to carry it through the season. Yesterday the game’s first open beta patch was pushed out with many much-needed fixes and features.

“This update focuses heavily on the economy,” the team wrote, “including changes to the auction house, how items are bound, and how end-game gear is acquired. Additionally, we have a completely revamped arena mode with 12 times the number of levels that offer some sweet rewards for those of you who are up to the challenge.”

You can read the full patch notes if you’re into this game. The dev team teased “new tricks” that it has up its sleeves and said that a “bigger and better” August update is currently in testing.

Source: Patch notes

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My long winded rant…

I’m one who is normally defending this game when people say negative stuff. It’s not that I’m being a fangrrl, it’s that I’m just being honest and defending it where it deserves it. There are a lot of people with misinformation and I try to correct that.

That said, during the earlier testing periods, mostly in CB, all the pets were in the Cash Shop and the Devs kept detailed logs of which pets were the most popular – and made sure those were NOT in the Cash Shop at the Open Beta release. We all know the idea, they release the less popular pets to start with so that people have no option but to buy those and then release the ones people actually want later. It’s slightly cheesy but many games do it and we can understand it as a business move that doesn’t really hurt us much.

So the day comes where they’re supposed to release those popular pets we actually want and… They’re not in the Cash Shop? What’s up? Well they were still released, but instead of putting them in the Cash Shop where we could buy them with the IAP Currency we already bought and earned – they decided to *only* put them in new cash purchase packages you have to buy new on their web page shop.

I know they thought this was a good idea for them as a company, but sometimes you need to balance out what is good and what is hurtful and wrong and how it affects your reputation as a company. This wasn’t right. They already did the cheesy release them later move, but now it’s not even release them later into the Cash Shop but only inside new big cash purchase packs?

This decision made me lose a lot of respect for them. If they wanted to release them as individual sales along side the new packs, that would have been fine, and the individual sales was what most of us were expecting. That said it’s their game, they can release the stuff how they want, but it’s also my time and my money on my end, so I’m no longer motivated to spend more money on the game nor even play and I’m definitely not wasting my time defending the game or correcting misinformation people post about that. I do that for companies that make decisions that deserve my respect and time.

I still do like the actual game and gameplay itself but need to make choices about what I’m going to play and I just am sick of waiting for the *old* pets to begin with. They’re not actually new remember, they’re the ones that have been in the game since the start they’ve just been withholding them so we’d buy up the scraps they left us with and then we’d buy these as well when they released them.

Most people have gone through the majority of the single player content already and are max level, and still never had the pets we wanted. They thought they’d show us for saving our already purchased IAP Currency for these pets by releasing them in a way we couldn’t use that saved money for them (though in reality it was probably always their plan to do it this way, I don’t really know if that’s true or they looked at the info and saw we were saving our IAP Currency and so released them only this way for now).

I get that they’ll probably eventually actually release them in to the normal Cash Shop, but I wanted the cute pets for while I was still doing the content. By that time even the most casual of players will be max level and done most of what’s there.

So they’ve made choices that pushed one of their rational defenders away, who defended it based on fact and merit and not just blind defense that everything done is right like some people do. I’m off to waste my time for companies that deserve me to waste my time on them and appreciate me a bit more. I get that they all exploit us, but there are levels that are better or worse and we all have to make our own choices about if we stay with a game or not.

As I said, it is still fun, and so for those staying I hope they still find enjoyment in the game and all. But misinformation posters and detractors can post without worry that I’ll post actual facts about the game to correct them anymore :P