Massively OP Podcast Episode 128: Geeks at Disney World


On this week’s show, Justin and Bree talk about a beloved MMO going mobile, the end of Guild Wars 2 (in a manner of speaking), the start of Dark and Light, LARPing at Disney World, and more!

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Andy McAdams
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Andy McAdams

“I only said his name once!”

You have to say it three times in the dark in front of a mirror then scream “I LOVE STAR CITIZEN” … then he shows up to smite you.

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Jack Pipsam

Bree is spot-on with why Runescape is still a big deal in it’s Old School form, it’s because of all the people like me, who grew up with RuneScape. 19-25 year olds with our own nostalgia.

Not only was it critically free, but also I think a huge reason was because it was browser based, all you needed was Java. At this point in time there was still a lot of fear among parents of downloads causing virus ect, many kids I knew at the time weren’t allowed to download anything, so having the entire game be playable right in Internet Explorer, well that was just perfect.
Also if you had dial-up like I did, well, it worked.

I must of been like either 9 or 10 in 2005 when I first signed up for RuneScape, it was at a internet cafe for a friend’s birthday, a day in which I first made the email I still use to this very day along with coming up with the online username ‘Jack Pipsam’ (because my mother wasn’t keen on me using my real name, so instead of Mark, I became ‘Jack’ because I liked the name) and well, it’s the online alias that has stuck with me more than just over ten years along the road.

I am not alone, I know many people around my age in the young adult range, their first real online game was RuneScape. Their usernames and emails came from some sort of connection with RuneScape.
A place where you’d need to actually use math for once and were spelling mattered. A place where you learned that other humans are just awful, but some are cool too.

RuneScape wasn’t just a first online game or a first MMO, it was the first real step into using an account-based internet for many of us. That leaves within us a deep impression. It’s why when they first announced Old School RuneScape, I was in high-school and many of us were over the roof.
Sure the graphics are awful, sound is dreadful, resolution is tiny and gameplay is outdated, but it was our childhood’s in a real playable archive and now with updates too. The newer, more impressive RuneScape just doesn’t have the charm for us. Maybe the kids of now enjoy that and maybe in ten years that version of RuneScape will be brought back for them.

In many ways RuneScape is a sort of safe space, a living reminder of a more ‘peaceful’, less-mainstream internet. Where you’d try to buy a GF for 100 gold or barter for party hats. Now having to actually start thinking around and worrying about being an adult, well RuneScape is just a place to go back too and it’s as you remembered.

RuneScape is deeply ingrained in the psyche of my brain along with say the Hamsterdance or Chat-Rooms. A time when Yahoo meant something and Sonic seemed unironically cool. When people would say Noob as a real insult. I will forever associate RuneScape with happier times.

Outdated, obsolete & totally trash. Wouldn’t have it any other way.


Nice write up. That’s how I felt about Ultima Online for a very long time until they changed it to a point that I didn’t recognize it any more.




Good episode! … and to add the list … World of Fishing :)