Neverwinter launches Tomb of Annihilation today

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Dinosaurs, jungles, and tombs, oh my! All of these can be found in the latest major update to Neverwinter. The Tomb of Annihilation update goes live today for PC players, bringing players to Chult in order to explore new ruins, enjoy a new social hub, and dive deep into fighting all sorts of monstrous foes to get that sweet, sweet loot. It’s the journey and the destination.

To be a bit more specific, this addition includes the new adventure zone of Chult Jungle, the Port Nyanzaru social hub, and the Tomb of the Nine Gods dungeon. It also features the new monster hunts with Volo and the continuing campaign storyline for players to enjoy. Check out the launch trailer just below, and log in and start patching if you can’t wait to be welcomed to the jungle. (And, quite possibly, welcomed to the internal digestive tract of a tyrannosaur shortly thereafter.)

Source: Perfect World Entertainment press release

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Sean Botha

I still play this game and must say this is the best mmo out there. Unlike most it is no pay to play and actally require you to understand the mechanics of the game. you cannot be good in 1 week.

It take work and time to be good at this game. No need for real money s I am an endgame player and do not spend real money

Jeremiah Wagner

Sucks because this mmo has some really awesome ideas like being able to make you own adventures / dungeons. Had a blast at first making cool stuff for my friends and strangers to play. It seems like so many mmos have a couple really great ideas but just cant seem to execute the gameplay / combat in a way that makes the game fun and replayable.


People still play this abomination of a game? Out of all the mmos over the last 20 years I’ve played, this is up there as one of the worst. They should just get it over with and turn it into a facebook game.

Kickstarter Donor
Bhima Jenkins

I actually enjoy Neverwinter, but I absolutely get why people don’t like it as it is about as abusive of a cash grab as any F2P game ever made.


Actually downloaded this game just last week (after having not played it for about a year). Uninstalled it within 30 minutes. It really is THAT bad.