Trove’s Eclipse expansion launches August 22 with dual classing and new map

Back in April while huge catch-up updates were rolling out to Trove on console, Trion teased much more content coming this year for PC and console alike, including sub-classing, club upgrades, mastery rank caps and prize updates, and plasma fishing. Today, the studio’s announced all that is coming in the form of a new expansion called Eclipse — and it’s a lot of what was teased, though not all:

Two New Shadow Tower Floors – Adventurers will come face to face with the imposing Shadow Hydrakken, the dreaded Darknik Dreadnought and the Daughter of the Moon to uncover limited edition treasures, including coveted Moonsilver costumes.
Deeper Class Customization – All Trovians level 10 or higher may now designate a Sub Class to unlock passive skills and stat bonuses.
The Trove Atlas – This fully illustrated map allows players to easily travel between different biomes and embark on far-out adventures.
Gem Forging System – Players can improve existing stats on gems by augmenting them closer to perfection. Undesirable stats can be rerolled into something more useful, and gems discovered after the Eclipse will no longer have the Health Regeneration stat.
Daily Login Bonuses and Events – The Hub’s portal tower has been replaced with a gilded, glimmering, glorious Sun Goddess Statue. Players can log in daily to unlock great rewards through the Boons of a Celestial Paragon, and trade in Daily Login tokens to The Radiant Merchant, the new Radiant Dayspring vendor.”

What’s missing? The clubs update and the mastery cap bump over 300, which Trion says are still coming later in 2017. No mention of plasma fishing, either. I know you’re all bummed.

Further, the studio notes, it has plans to “introduce an anti-leeching system, a new way to quickly build iconic trove structures, add a new tutorial, and maybe even a new biome!”

The update’s called Eclipse, by the way, because it’s launching on August 22 — the same day as the total solar eclipse that’ll sweep the widest part of the US next month.

Source: Producer letter, press release
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