LOTRO: Mordor is still aiming for a July 31 release

Lord of the Rings Online players are on pins and needles this week, wondering if they only have a few days before the expansion or if Standing Stone Games will exercise its option to delay Mordor by up to a month. According to a dev post on the forums yesterday, the target date of July 31st is still a go for launch.

“We typically don’t say more than what we already have until after we hold a meeting to confirm everything is set, and then confirm it by posting the downtime notice,” posted the studio about a release date announcement. “That said, it was included in the pre-purchase page, and at this time at least we have no indication it will not happen then. So, we’re still on track for the 31st.”

Meanwhile, SSG was happy to talk about the new High Elf race (which is not being included in the base Mordor edition but can only be acquired by purchasing a more expensive bundle or waiting until winter when it goes on sale in the store).

The biggest difference between the High Elves and other races sounds like it has to do with their stances and animations. “The running and jumping animations for our High Elves are light when compared to the other races in our game. Gravity seems to affect them less,” wrote Senior Animator Robert Tighe. “We created some unique skill animations that were graceful and flashy; we limited the amount these play so as not to distract from gameplay.”

The studio also interviewed Ted Nasmith, the artist who has created two amazing update wallpapers for the game this year, including one for Mordor. He said that he tried hard to tap into both the world and players’ journeys: “I wanted both of these works to reflect both the dynamic ‘in-motion’ experience of the online version of the books in game format, while focusing also on the aesthetic beauty and intricately designed ‘sets’ players’ experience.”

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