Cute pets are the order of the day for Kritika Online

They’re small. They’re furry. They’re cuddly. They’re fictional. And they’re ready to kick butt on your behalf in Kritika Online.

Adorable combat pets are now part of Kritika Online’s open beta, thanks to this week’s update. The studio is calling this “furever friends” and we must go purge our brains of this fluff right now lest we be driven mad in the near future. Bad pun is bad and must die.

What were we talking about? Some sort of patch. The v202 patch has a lot to offer players, including a revamped arena, overhauled Danger Zones (cue Kenny Loggins), and big adjustments to the auction house. Oh, and they also added a card matching minigame. Because you’re three years old. Speaking of easily entertained toddlers… KITTENS BELOW.

Source: Patch notes

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They’re also not in the cash shop like everybody thought they’d be and we’ve been waiting for since they took them away after CB, but instead only for sale if you buy a new big pack for straight cash. Because hey, why let people use the IAP Currency they saved and already paid for or get away with buying a single pet they want when you can screw the players over and make money while doing so?

Hopefully this is only a temporary measure screwing those who can’t wait and they’ll be in the Cash Shop one day rather than just big buy for cash bundles? I guess only time will tell.

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They lost the chance to say “Furever fwiends” …. i’ll see myself out