Dark and Light preps huge bug-fixing and quality-of-life patch

Snail Games is riding high after Dark and Light’s early access launch last week, and it’s already prepping its next big patch, which the team says focuses heavily on bugs and quality-of-life tweaks. It’s also pretty amusing. Of note,

  • Missing textures, collision issues, the UI mess, and lighting slowdowns are all due for a fix.
  • The Sacred Path area is getting better rain, ouchy lava, and improved physics, plus a less-dark night. There will be less crud in the cities to trip you up too. “It’s called The Sacred Path for a reason,” Snail quips.
  • Bugged quests that improperly tracked progress are being severely punished; the studio promises “a number of revisions and optimizations to our quest system throughout the Early Access period.”
  • Everybody complains about character creation animations, so those have been “improved slightly.” Bonus? “Male characters’ short hair no longer looks like Muckripper scales.”
  • Bugs with taming, busted weapon spells, alchemy, bedrolls, and elementals are all being addressed.
  • “Blacksmiths Talos and Estel have found their clothes and underwear.” Bless.

Finally, wrecking buildings is getting an optimization pass.

“What’s the fun of buildings on a PvP server if you can’t destroy them? We’ve noticed that there are some issues with effects related to building damage and destruction. We want to deliver a real visceral experience for players when attacking / destroying structures, so we’re continuing to optimize these effects.”

Source: Steam
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I’ve been playing a lot of it, its definitely in its infancy. Needs lots of itemization and more beasts but the ‘base’ is solid. They just have to add on to it now.


My recommendation is to skip this one and play Citadel.

Charles Dodge

Enjoying Citadel, waiting for improvements on DNL and loading time.

Russell Hunt

How about just fixing the insane amount of time it takes load/just get into the game?

Charles Dodge

Agreed…that’s why I am playing Citadel


It is pretty long, about 6 minutes for me. But once its done its done, all transporting and respawning are pretty much instant, no loading screen.


Sounds like I’m waiting for a 75% off Steam sale on this unwieldy beast.