Elder Scrolls Online previews Bloodroot Forge

Elder Scrolls Online previews Bloodroot Forge
Coming next month in the Horns of the Reach DLC is Elder Scrolls Online’s newest four-player dungeon. Bloodroot Forge will take players deep inside a mountain forge, where unsettling blood rites have been performed and everything is suitably twisty and corrupted.

If you’re OK with some light spoilers, the dev team has a preview of the dungeon up with pictures, descriptions, and even a few points of insight. It sounds as though players will need to harness the environment and defeat never-before-seen enemy types to survive, but those who do will get to grab gear from brand-new armor sets and even have the opportunity to purchase a player house.

The devs said that you’ll want to look at the journey through the Forge for clues as how to defeat the big bads you’ll encounter: “From the start of the lava cave (called Sanguinary Veins), there are various places where you see rocks falling from the ceiling into the lakes, creating temporary platforms. So you get to see that unique gameplay element telegraphed before the upcoming boss fight.”

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Roger Melly

There is a lot to like about this game the combats fun and the dungeons are enjoyable but it always seems to end up on a backburner for me . Probably because in spite of trying I have never found a guild that is as sociable as I would like . Perhaps it is the fact you can be in several guilds at once that it leads to people feeling less invested in any one guild .

Also I found the game had so many unfriendly players in it I ended up turning off all party chat , yells and whispers .