Pokemon Go raised $5.8M Sunday in spite of live event catastrophe


Pokemon Go’s weekend Fest event may have been a massive and predictable failure of communication and preparation, but it wasn’t a failure for Niantic’s piggy bank: SensorTower reports that the game pulled in almost six million bucks on Sunday alone as players logged in to catch special legendary pixel critters.

“According to our revenue data, players spent approximately $5.8 million worldwide in the game on Sunday, July 23, the day publisher Niantic flipped the virtual switch that unleashed two legendary creatures into the game world for players to team up and (attempt) to capture,” says the app-tracking firm.

That makes this past Sunday the biggest revenue day for the game since its Halloween event last year, in spite of the flopped Chicago event that saw Niantic’s CEO booed onstage. No bad deed goes unrewarded, right?

We covered the disastrous Pokemon Go live event at length earlier this week. Niantic has since apologized, with representatives saying they were “horrified” at how it all went down and offering compensation, though they’ve pinned at least part of the blame on network providers.

Source: SensorTower via VG247

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Jeremy Barnes

At least they made money while screwing over their players and that’s what’s important. An event truly in the spirit of Nintendo.

Fervor Bliss

Pokoman Go is said to have made $1.2 billion in the last year.
With 60 million players active in the last month.
Pokoman Go is simply making more people happy than any other MMO.

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

People around the world didn’t care about the live event. They still don’t.

Malcolm Swoboda

Its true. At couples dnd night recently, a couple were gushing over Pokemon Go’s updates (one just caught a Lugia) and while aware of and laughing about the live event, it didn’t affect their newly rising enjoyment of the game.