Star Citizen’s Around the Verse makes parking your ship sound way hard to design


This week’s episode of Star Citizen’s Around the Verse isn’t going to surprise anyone who’s been watching the reaction to the game’s latest concept ship, the Tumbril Cyclone rover and its variants. While the video checks in with the Austin studio and its progress toward the 3.0 alpha, the star of the show is the Ship Shape segment on the new land vehicles.

“The Cyclone is intended to be a land vehicle where you get in and drive around on the surface of a planet. It’s supposed to be a fun vehicle to drive fast. It has four-wheel drive. It’s got four-wheel steering also. Something you’re supposed to be having fun while you’re driving around on the planet taking jumps off ramps. Just doing all the things you can in a wheeled vehicle.”

The Behind the Scenes bit covers parking. No, really, it covers the tech underpinning parking ships and logging in and out and having your ship still be there when you return — apparently much harder under-the-hood than it sounds. The whole episode is down below, and don’t miss the Cyclone Q&A from earlier this week.

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