Guild Wars 2 names and shames tournament cheaters

Bang bang.
Want to enter in and — more importantly — win in a Guild Wars 2 monthly tournament but you lack the well-honed skills to do so? Why, the solution’s obvious, darling! Just get someone else to play on your behalf! That way you get the win and nobody’s the wiser. Unless (and this is such an outside possibility that it’s embarrassing to bring up) ArenaNet catches you.

Whoops, ArenaNet caught you. And now you’re being name-shamed in front of the entire game community, stripped of your titles and prizes, dishonored for the rest of the season, and temporarily permanently banned from taking part of tournaments and all other forms of PvP. Just don’t try to blame us for the bad advice, OK?

The studio said that it is taking a situation “very seriously” that found 10 players guilty of using substitutes in the automated monthly tournament. “We received many reports that the winners of July’s monthly tournament were not played by the owners of those accounts,” the studio said. “After a thorough investigation, we have found that these accusations are true.”

Source: Official forums. Thanks Mike and miol!
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