RuneScape lays out its ‘unfinished business’

Making MMOs is never a thing where there’s a day that the game is finally complete. Always in motion, these developers are, and none as much as the team behind RuneScape. Following survey feedback from the community, the developers have outlined several pieces of “unfinished business” that it wants to attend to before the end of the year.

Among the top priorities of the players (which have now become top priorities for the team) include improved mining and smithing, an overhaul of clue scrolls, another big batch of invention content, a bank rework, a more rewarding Shattered Worlds, a big Evil Dave quest, graphical facelifts for the older parts of the game, and player-submitted designs for combat-skill pets.

Also coming? The achievement system. “This one’s so close we can taste it! The team have been working hard on UI design and adding more achievements, broadening the range of in-game shenanigans you can be recognised for.”

Source: RuneScape
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