‘Selectively multiplayer’ Shroud of the Avatar unleashes R44, plans August free trial, and expands around the globe

The Shroud of the Avatar team is sitting pretty on top of this past week’s Release 44, but there is always more to be done to get the game ready for launch. This week’s newsletter shares a little how the update improved the looks of its Crayola-pack dragons, but mostly the attention was given to how insanely busy the team will be promoting the MMO in August and September. Appearances at Syndcon, Gamescom, PAX Dev, and Dragon*Con are all on the calendar, as is the 45th major build, which should come out on August 31st.

The team also informed the community that another test of its free trial program is set to run from August 9th through the 30th, so you’ll be able to play for free for most of the month if you so desire.

In a press release this afternoon, Portalarium announced that it and Travian — a company you’ll remember as the European publisher for Crowfall — will also publish the game beyond Europe and North America, pushing into South and Central America, the Middle East, and North Africa. Russian publishing will be handled by Black Sun as previously reported. Calling the game “selectively multiplayer,” the companies say it’s reached the “story complete” stage and reaffirm that the “full commercial release” is still coming later in 2017.

“In Release 45, players actively testing the game will receive the ability to ‘reset’ their story status, and thus be able to get a fresh run through the now completed main quests, without having to start a new character,” Richard Garriott notes.

We’ll be streaming the new update and more this afternoon; tune in to OPTV at 3 p.m. EDT.

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Vagabond Sam

Clunky garbage systems for combat, gathering and crafting still an issue.

The ‘improved ‘ load times still well over a minute on an ssd i7 6700k system which hurts a game that has so many scene transitions.

And the RMT still gets all the nice new items with very few added to the player recipes and loot tables besides ‘shabby’ versions.

Patreon Donor
Kickstarter Donor
agemyth 😩

I’ve enjoyed my, according to Steam, 24 hours with this game so far. The community is so nice that they sometimes scare me into logging off out of fear that my ignorance of the game and its community and general awkwardness will offend them.

I was not a UO player and I haven’t done anything one might consider “high end” content, but the slower pace group oriented combat and skill systems are fun so far. I don’t really know what all the people who hate this game expected it to be.

Russell Hunt

I’ve yet to read a solid, positive review on this game…only hate…the hatred flows for this game it seems.

Mikka Hansen

the seedinvest doesnt look like it’ll hit the minimum required, and they have started with monthly begathons, quite the desperation move

I doubt this game or company will see the end of the year


No matter how they spin it, it just isn’t a good game.