Bless Online kicks off its Rebuild testing

Boss of the road.

So, let’s talk a bit about Bless Online. It’s been a long, strange road. First, the game’s Western version gets cancelled. Then it’s getting published here again by Neowiz. Then we were told the entire game was getting rebuilt, and we even got a look at some of the rebuild ideas. Now the rebuilt version of the game is in testing as of August 1st in South Korea, although it’s not the localized version of the game, so you’ll still have to deal with the language barrier.

Two classes, the Mystic and the Ranger, will not be available for this testing round. You can find out a bit more in the video down below or just download the client, although you’ll need a Korean account to do that and some knowledge of the language to puzzle your way through the actual game. We’ll hopefully learn more about the rebuild as we get closer to the localized release for the game; it’s not like rebuild projects are never successful, although they do have mixed track records.


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Loved that game, mature universe, old school trinity system, immersive graphics, open and arena PvP. Except from a clunky combat system relying too much on ping i really enjoyed playing it. More than any “new gen” MMO last years.

Really watching for it.


Drama Lama…


Please can they lose the Playboy Bunny outfit? Not really looking for a Tera 2. Otherwise I have hopes for this.

Patreon Donor

I thought this was about to turn NSFW

Duey Bear

I loved the game as it was on the RU servers, hopefully it will be even better. Really it was only optimization which needed addressing.