Valiance Online makes its powers sparkle and shine

How near, how far.

Now that Valiance Online is running its investor alpha test, more eyes are turning to this superhero MMORPG and seeing it more as an actual game than an intriguing concept. And with any alpha test comes the inevitable patch that improves and iterates on the foundation.

This week’s patch adds weapons and particle effects to most powersets, making them sparkle and shine. It also addressed a nasty bug that prevented said powers from working, added collision with solid objects, increased performance, and threw in more environmental art.

Coming soon to the build is improved powersets and the third phase of the combat system. The game is also due to get its first crafting system, Bio-Engineering: “Bio-Engineering will become the first available profession and the world will be progressively populated with harvestable or salveagable items for creating unique amplifiers (consumable items).”

Source: Patch notes
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This strikes me as odd, given the super hero setting. I can imagine Swamp Thing harvesting … well, himself, but Batman stopping to pick some flowers, not so much.


Well… perhaps Batman would be more along the lines of harvesting electronics, or organs. lol

Russell Hunt


Valiance Online

Thanks for posting about us!!!