Final Fantasy XIV asks players to help design some new furniture

How are you not playing this on PC in the first place?
Are there furnishings you wish were in Final Fantasy XIV but keep not getting added? Perhaps you can take matters into your own hands with the game’s new furnishing contest. Players are tasked with either creating a drawing or a 3-D recreation of a desired bit of furnishing, with the top 100 entries earning a set of in-game items for cosmetic purposes. And, perhaps, seeing the furnishing end up in the game.

There are no promises about that one, of course, but it seems like the logical next step.

Players may enter the contest at any point before Monday, August 28th, with the winning entries to be selected and announced around November 10th, 2017. Exterior fixtures and decorations for houses are off-limits, but any other furnishing you can come up with (including outdoor furnishings) is fair game. So you can build a bookshelf for the game and actually see it show up in the game, if it’s a good enough bookshelf.

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Rheem Octuris

I’ve designed a piece of furniture that opens up a new housing ward.
I win.


OooOOOooh! Furniture for the house that I can’t buy because all the spots are taken! Sweet!


Its always great to involve community creativity into the game. Even the most talented developer has limited imagination. The result can only be good :)

I hope they make a contest for armor skins too one day.


They actually have done armor contests before. This latest patch actually placed the most recent winners armor sets in game.