Path of Exile posts Fall of Oriath patch notes prior to Friday’s launch

Is this expansion week here at Massively OP or what? In just two days, Path of Exile will be rolling out its hotly anticipated Fall of Oriath pack to PC players (Xbox One folks are still waiting to hear about a release date).

While the waiting might be hard, at least there is a wall of patch notes to dig through in preparation of the big event. The tentpole of the expansion is its half-dozen additional acts, the new pantheon system, and the new help panel — but that’s by no means all there is.

“The Fall of Oriath is our largest content expansion ever,” the team said. “In addition to six new acts of content, it includes new skill and support gems, unique items, our new water renderer, improvements to world environments, the minimap, game performance, and much, much more!”

Source: Patch notes
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