Valnir Rok brings Viking survival to Gamescom


If you like the refined mead flavor of Vikings and Norse mythology, then you’re the ideal audience for Valnir Rok. This survival sandbox is a meld of both cultures, putting players in the boots of a stranded Viking on a mysterious island.

As per other games of this type, Valnir Rok turns you loose to see what you can make of yourself. “As a hardened Viking warrior, butcher your enemies in bloody combat, build and improve village structures, and form a clan to expand your power and reputation,” the studio explained. “Battle against opposing clans, place bounties on hated enemies, and discover ruin artifacts to gain favor with the gods with great deeds and holy sacrifices.”

Valnir Rok has been in development for a while but will be making its big public debut at Gamescom later this month. You can sign up to be a part of the closed alpha and give the game’s announcement trailer a watch below.

Source: Valnir Rok
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