Pixel Worlds trots out pets for mobile and PC


Congratulations, you’re a parent! Or you would be, if you were playing Pixel Worlds and considered “owning a pet” to be on par with parenting. You know what? That metaphor got away from us. Apologies all around.

In any case, the cross-platform social MMO released its first major update this week, which was centered around the addition of “familiars” to the landscape. Players can acquire a bunny, bird, gremlin, or robot to raise, but be warned — it won’t be like owning a human child. This system actually takes work. The right food and care is needed to see the familiar grow from a baby to its unstoppable adult form.

Curious what Pixel Worlds looks and plays like? That’s what MJ and her daring adventures are for! You can also hear the devs talk more about the familiar update after the break.

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